Later on we decided to check out Istanbul’s night life by doing a Birthday pub crawl! We visited a few bars before landing on Bar Rasputin, which was a Turkish Heavy Metal bar, where we met “Anton” who was already a good 5 or 15 pints into his night. We had some light conversation with “Anton” and before too long he was buying us drinks (we didn’t even mention Lach’s birthday). Try as we could, we couldn’t stop “Anton’s” overly generous nature. He even bought us Bar Rasputin T-shirts! What a guy!

We then moved on to a slightly lighter atmosphere where a guitar and violin duo serenaded us.

A round of kebabs closed the evening.

Later on Saturday we decided to have a casual stroll around the Basilica Cistern. After admiring the amazing architecture of the cistern and it’s beautiful columns we spotted these two gents (read: dickheads) climbing on the ancient roman Medusa stone pillars. These pillars are priceless and their exact origin is unknown. Amanda “snappy” Dixon quickly captured the offenders and showed the Cistern security.
Lachlan waited around to watch the perpetrators get a stern talk from the security.

Some may call it being a dobber, others call it protecting Ancient Artefacts from small minded juvenile delinquents.



After a mammoth 12 hours on the night bus from Nevsevhir to Istanbul we were pretty tired. We adjusted to our new apartment near the Galata Tower in Beyoglu then decided to climb the tower. The view was incredible.
The Galata tower was originally built around 500AD as a lighthouse. Now it has a fancy restaurant and about 50 bazillion tourists climbing it.

This is the most delicious meal. On Friday Çati cooked us lunch at the carpet shop. This is a special fish that you can only get at this time of year and is from the Gallipoli area.

How to prepare fish like Çati:

1 - Get little fish and coat in cornflower
2 - Cook in oil in little pan in your carpet shop
3 - Serve with lots of leafy greens (rocket, cut up radish, dill and other unidentified green things) and lemon
4 - Pour the raki

Friday morning we said goodbye to the amazing cave that we had been staying in whilst in Göreme as well as our new friend Çiçek the dog. (Çiçek means flower). She was very cute and incredibly playful. Bye Çiçek we won’t miss you biting our shoes, but we will miss your company on our walks.

Meet the Carpet Crew from “Village Dowry” Göreme. (Left to right: Mustafa aka.”Çati”, Mustfa, Fatih “the Carpet Doctor”. These guys took us in off the streets with the intention of selling us carpet. We at first resisted but over many glasses of Apple Tea became friends. We may or may not have also purchased copious amounts of textile goods from them. But we also drank a lot of their Raki - so it all came out even.

Thursday we decided to hire motorbikes!!! Lach was stoked, Amanda was nervous, but after an hour on the Honda scooter she was calm and confident. We took to the roads out of Göreme towards the nearby town of Ürgüp where Amanda got a little carried away with some shopping and was then faced with the dilemma of attaching said shopping to her scooter. After leaving Ürgüp we took in the amazing scenery from the heights above Göreme. Lach did wheelies.